About the grant:

Those people who are interested in Marine Biology in Hungary have very little support to start their career or to get connected to international experts in person. Dr. Csilla Ari has established the Lukacs Ari Marine Biology Award in dedication to the memory of her Dad, who was her biggest supporter and provided the most encouragement to pursue her goals in Marine Biology and who passed away in 2015. Starting in 2016, a 200.000Ft Encouragement Grant and a 60.000Ft Momentum Grant will be awarded each year to those young Hungarians who wish to pursue a career in Marine Biology while building the foundation to spread the science and the importance of marine biology in Hungary.

The goal of the grant:

The Lukacs Ari Marine Biology Award was created to support Marine Biology education in Hungary and to assist Marine Biology research projects that require developing long term international collaborations. The Encouragement Grant is intended to help attend and present at scientific conferences, get involved in international Marine Biology projects, build collaborations, and conduct independent Marine Biology research projects. The Momentum grant will mainly support projects that will be conducted in Hungary in order to help organize conferences, symposiums, invite international speakers, etc. The grant will be awarded to those who will demonstrate his/her ability to conduct independent research, conservation, or outreach with the goal to increase popularity and accessibility of Marine Biology in Hungary. These grants do not cover salary.

Who is eligible:

Students and early career scientists (before Ph.D.) of Hungarian nationality who wish to pursue a long-term career in Marine Biology are eligible.

How to apply:

In the Application, please describe your 1) proposed project, 2) main goal/s, 3) proposed methods, 4) budget, 5) expected outcome, 6) how the proposed project will impact your personal career development, 7) how the proposed project will help increase popularity or accessibility of Marine Biology education and research in Hungary, 8) international collaborators and their contact information (if applicable), 9) proposed time (if not flexible) and time to completion.

Applicants are encouraged to work together with a mentor who is willing to assist them during their project. The Application must be a minimum of 2 pages and a maximum of 4 pages, single-spaced with 12-point font in MS Word format. The Applicant’s curriculum vitae and two recommendation letters should also be submitted. The Application and CV must be written in English; otherwise, the Application will not be considered. Applicants can apply for multiple grants.

Applications should be sent to: csari2000@yahoo.com

Any questions regarding the applications should be sent to: csari2000@yahoo.com


2016 First round 

2021 Opened for submission, continuous submission until January 10th, 2022

First round finalists will be invited for a second round personal interview. 

Lukacs Ari Marine Biology Award

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